Just over a year to the month, Calum Jonathan joined us on a volunteer placement referred from the Job Centre and began a 1 day a week prog ram working in our woods and helping to clear the brambles and rough land in preparation for the developments of 2016.

Quickly Calum showed passion and a promise for outdoor learning & adventure activities and duly became our first employed Outdoor Learning Assistant with support from Welsh Government. He began to turn his hand to woodwork projects with Barnardo’s, the start of a project and relationship which would prove hugely rewarding and successful for Calum, the families and Ignite.


In 2016 he was the first to join the company as part of our strategy to employ young and local talent to provide opportunities for individuals where the traditional employment route hadn’t worked for them. Again, Calum showed he had a real talent for engaging with children whether they were 1 or 16 years old, and has since worked on a number of projects where he made a real difference and helped to unlock the potential of each child he has come into contact with. Running several residentials, creating the hugely successful adventure camp and supporting the LadyBirds Parent & Toddler group has subsequently seen Calum promoted to an Outdoor Learning Tutor and mentoring our newest local talent appointment and Outdoor Learning Assistant.

Thanks Calum!