As the Welsh football team prepares to play Sweden in a pre-euro friendly, we are also playing an away fixture the same weekend but with a twist.

17 practitioners from across the U.K. and Ireland, including 7 from Wales, are participating in an innovative and exciting training & study visit taking place in Lidingo, Stockholm.

The journey to bring the Swedish early years pedagogy, Skogsmulle, to the U.K. continues with another  group of practitioners becoming trained as Skogsmulle Leaders. Building on 2015’s cohort of Leaders who were trained by our visiting partners and trainers from Mulleborg Pre-School, here in the U.K.

The study visit will provide the teachers a unique opportunity to become trained in the nature pedagogy, and learn first hand from  pedagogues at Mulleborg Pre-School, as well as observe children and teachers first hand at the pre-school.

It’s very exciting to have teachers, teaching assistants, nursery leaders, academics and outdoor enthusiasts all coming together to embrace a play and nature based philosophy and way of teaching and learning. The hope is that the group be inspired and take away best practice knowledge; as well as sparking imagination, creativity and action towards developing Skogsmulle UK and most importantly delivery of sessions and lessons based on the Skogsmulle training and teachings.

Using the training as a springboard, the Learning the Lessons from Scandanavia Conference on July 18/19 and the Skogsmulle Symposium 2017 will provide further impetus for the growth of Skogsmulle UK.

For now we wish Wales all the best, as well as our teachers who head out on the 3rd June 2016.

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