[content_block bg_image=”” max_bg_width=”yes” bg_fixed=”yes” bg_position=”center top” bg_repeat=”repeat-x” bg_size=”auto” parallax_scroll=”no” bg_color=”#3186e0″ content_padding=”40px 0″ font_color=”#f2eded” class=”class-name”]Prior to creating Ignite UP, as Cyfleon, we always wanted to work with as many diverse groups of people; and often wondered how we could engage girls and women in the outdoors in a purposeful project…then we found Alice. From a pilot family project at the Skirrid Abergavenny, we have  worked with Women’s Aid Monmouthshire on several family and school projects, all delivered to restore confidence and self-esteem through outdoor based activities. Read more about this project from Alice Lilley…[/content_block]


We have used Cyfleon over the last 2 years and have always had a fantastic service.  The families have really enjoyed getting outdoors and it is a very effective way to relax and recharge adults and children.  Cyfleon have taken groups of Mums and their children to some beautiful sites, often near where they live so that they have been encouraged to access local outdoor spaces.  Parents have learned new skills and free activities they can do with their children independently.   It has also been an opportunity to challenge gender stereotyping with children watching their Mums using an axe or lighting a fire!  We have noticed that children become more confident and relaxed and learn to challenge themselves.  It is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills such as using a knife safely, fire lighting and cooking outdoors and learning about wildlife.  Cyfleon have provided a good opportunity to have problem free time and improve self- esteem. The instructors have always been very positive and understanding with the children and families and the sessions were relaxed and fun for everyone.

I would recommend them to any Women’s Aid or similar organisation.