Are you a talented ambitious professional who wants to create a purposeful direction in your work and life and step up into your authentic leadership growth space with confidence? If so then you are in the right place.


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I’m a holistic leadership and mindset specialist who helps ambitious people like you to create an extraordinary life without limits

I want you to have a career and life that is purposeful and authentic, creating a thriving and happy space without the overwhelm and stress of unhealthy habits and negative beliefs that have kept you in the same place for many years



Are you ready to


a life without limits?

Have you noticed how successful people are always clear about what they want, and have a definite step-by-step plan of action to get it? All the while they are motivated and empowered by a strong sense of self-belief.

Coaching in your professional and personal life expands your mind for peak performance and decision making capabilities by helping you to take time out to see the bigger picture, re-focus your goals and explore ways to re-balance both your personal and working life


Would you like to re-discover a direction that you feel passionate about to create powerful life changing opportunities?


Have the confidence and self- belief to go after your goals and dreams


Build a visible reputation of respect and value that is authentic to you


Earn the income and financial freedom you deserve


Have the optimum health both physically and mentally 


Have a strategy to cultivate positive growth easily and effortlessly

Following on from my coaching programme with Jane, I now have developed a really positive mantra and feel positive about being able to believe in myself. I realize I am my own worst enemy when it comes to criticism and pressure and I have realized that I’ve got everything at my fingertips to get where I want to be, I just need to do it!  I loved the career wheel exercise and knowing what I need to put right to get my life back on track again. Having a list of clear goals for everything that’s important to me has given me the focus to really go out and do it! The DISC profiling really helped put things into perspective and enabled me to understand that I am in the right type of job for my personality. Our one to one coaching sessions have been invaluable – what a great programme.”

Sian Davies
Finance Director Housing Sector