The Summer is always a time where the outdoors becomes ever important as the weather and school holidays 11200787_1029395827078905_7405689445157780024_nbeckon us to travel, play and adventure…or so we believe. In this last month we have heard many opinions on the outdoors and an alarming survey by GoApe (click and expand picture right) suggests that children will spend a whole 3.5 days or 86 hours in front of a screen which is 45 mins  moreper week than time spent on physical activity.

Richard Branson has even taken to his blog to tell his 6.4 Million followers that we need to find a balance between technology and the outdoors:

Spending 86 hours and 48 minutes – more than 3.5 days – looking at a screen this summer holiday is too far in one direction. I would wholeheartedly encourage parents to get outside and inspire their kids to learn a new sport, or simply go exploring.

This advice from a UK “entrepreneur collosus” rings loud in the ears on the day when we are told that diabetes has risen by 60% in the last 10 years, in the UK and accounts for 10% of the NHS budget. The alarming statistic is that 90% of new diabetics are type 2, which is commonly known as lifestyle diabetes.

The solutions are not straightforward, but we reflect on our Summer Adventure Camp and this tweet from an amazing mum of a great young man.